Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Bakersfield Jazz Workshop is a nonprofit organization for the education of jazz students, advancement of jazz musicians, enrichment of jazz enjoyment for the general public, and promotion of jazz in our community. We provide a supportive environment that brings together outstanding performers and teachers along with students and listeners of all abilities and backgrounds, and offer classes, resources, and performances to expand and preserve this original American art form.

How can the Bakersfield Jazz Workshop Benefit YOU?

The BJW provides everyone the opportunity to interact and network with the local jazz community. You can be a part of this effort to preserve and expand this uniquely American art form, and to increase the number of jazz enthusiasts and performers.

Whether you are a jazz professional, a jazz student, or a jazz enthusiast, there’s a place for you with the Bakersfield Jazz Workshop.

BJW Beginning Improvisation Class

Jazz Professionals

  • Opportunity to perform and be recognized for your skills
  • Opportunity to perform with other jazz musicians
  • Networking with others in the jazz community
  • Feedback and interaction from others to expand your jazz understanding and skills
  • Opportunity to mentor and educate others about jazz
  • Knowledge of resources, such as other musicians, Web sites, jazz books, CDs, that expand your knowledge and skills

Jazz Students

  • Opportunity to hear live jazz
  • Opportunity to play with other students and with professionals in a supportive environment and within your skill levels
  • Feedback about your performances and suggestions for improvement
  • Networking with other students and professionals
  • Knowledge of resources to help increase your skills, including jazz instructors, jazz music, and other learning resources
  • Scholarship support to expand your skills and knowledge

Jazz Listeners and Enthusiasts

  • Opportunity to hear quality live jazz in a relaxed environment
  • Opportunity to experience different jazz styles
  • Enriched understanding of the nature of jazz




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